Tips for Using GstarCAD8 – Annotative (OBJECTSCALE)

Tips for Using GstarCAD8 – Annotative (OBJECTSCALE)

Date: 2014-08-26

Gstarsoft develops and adds practical new additions to GstarCAD8 for the efficiency and easiness of design. GstarCAD8 contains a library of productivity tools designed to help you extend the power of your design. They are easily integrated into your menus and toolbars, and cover a wide range of functions, including dimensioning, drawing, and selecting and modifying objects. Now, we'll do a brief introduction about the innovative command: Annotative (OBJECTSCALE).


GstarCAD8 has added annotative scale and some related settings to objects, spaces and viewports, with which the annotative object could automatically adjust its size when changing the annotative scales in spaces and viewports. You can arrange and plot drawings for different scales in a faster way.


 To add and set scales, you can choose to right-clicking menu, properties palette and use buttons on the bottom of status bar. This button  is used to set the annotative scale for current space (CANNOSCALE). The differences between the other two buttons:


Annotation Visibility: With it turned on, all objects display for all scales whether the scale is contained in the annotated object scale list or not. Turned off, it will only display annotative objects for current annotative scale. For example, the annotative scale for current space is 1:2, if this scale is not in the annotated object scale list, the object will not display under this situation.



 Automatically add scales to annotative objects when the annotation scale changes: By turning on this button, it will automatically add this scale to its annotated object scale list. Turning it off, the scale cannot be added to the scale list. For example, in layout space, you can not only set viewport scales, also can set annotation scales. They may make the plot style the same for annotative objects in different viewports for different annotative scales. Annotative objects could be text, dimension, block and so on.


In layout, after activating a viewport, there are two additional buttons  displaying at the bottom of status bar. The first button is used to set the viewport scale. The second button can synchronize the viewport scale and the annotation scale.


For more details, welcome to download for free trial:

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