Tips for Using GstarCAD8 – Magnifier

Tips for Using GstarCAD8 – Magnifier

Date: 2014-08-26

Gstarsoft develops and adds practical new additions to GstarCAD8 for the efficiency and easiness of design. GstarCAD8 contains a library of productivity tools designed to help you extend the power of your design. They are easily integrated into your menus and toolbars, and cover a wide range of functions, including dimensioning, drawing, and selecting and modifying objects. Now, we'll do a brief introduction about the innovative command: Magnifier.


Have you ever faced with the situation that you want to see some detail during drawing, then you have to zoom in/out the whole drawing and try hard to find the part you want to magnify? You must find it really takes you a lot of time. Magnifier makes it easy for designers to view details and drafts over the most complex drawing at glance. This tool helps to view a specific area of your drawing as a magnifier without performing zoom in/out on big drawings like map or survey and can be customized.


There are two ways available executing MAGNIFIER command: clicking the scroll wheel of the mouse and the shortcut key Ctrl+E, which can be customized in Settings as to your interests. You may find Settings with right click mouse of the magnifier icon at the status bar.


Then let’s see what others we can set up in the use of MAGNIFIER.
1. Magnifier Style: including Region and Window.
Region: Activating it means the spot you select from your drawing within the magnifier shape will be magnified. The cursor only can move in the magnifier shape. You can execute zoom, pan, and draw objects, etc to see the bigger and clearer details.



Window: activating it means not only the part you select, also the whole drawing will be magnified according to the magnifier factor you set. With window style, the cursor can move in and out of the magnifier shape. The operations, for example zoom or draw objects will not be restricted in the shape of magnifier.



2. Magnifier Shape: You can choose from square and circle option of magnifier.

3. Magnifier Size: You can adjust the magnifier shape size as you like.

4. Fade Control: You can adjust the fade effect out of the magnifier shape.

5. Magnifier Factor: You can adjust the zoom factor within the magnifier shape.


About GstarCAD8:

GstarCAD8 adopts a brand new software engine and innovative technologies, such as: Smart Graphic Partition, Categorized Memory Storage Management and Self-adaptive Data Model enhanced the mechanism of dispatching order to improve the performance greatly. It has surpassed all the previous versions and other similar CAD software.

In GstarCAD8, modular software architecture was used, where any unexpected problems that may lead to system crashes can be easily identified and fixed, thus there is a substantial improvement on quick technical support service for users’ feedbacks. Furthermore, GstarCAD8 adopts many other creative technologies to improve the performance, stability, compatibility and so on.

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