December 31st, 2013 New GstarCAD 8 Updated Version Released for 2014

December 31st, 2013 New GstarCAD 8 Updated Version Released for 2014

Date: 2014-01-05

At December 31st 2013, an updated version of GstarCAD8 brings out an end-year package with relevant new additions, commands reinstated and 100% functional, complemented with improvements and bugs fixed making this version more stable by delivering great performance in comparison with previous patches.

One of the greatest new additions is Digitizer Integration: This version has built-in a digitizer tablet command-driver. Users can execute TABLET command to calibrates, configures, and turns on and off an attached digitizing tablet. Digitizers are often used along with takeoff software because they can quickly measure, transfer and store quantities seen on a blue print. Additional benefits are found in features such as a dimension list, which can be saved and used a future estimate.


Another innovative addition is Xtra Grips for Objects Edition: Polyline as well hatch objects in this version now have extra grips to make editing them easier than before. Now users can stretch a polyline or hatch object by holding and dragging any extra grip to control its shape.


Besides these two brand new addition features, there are many many great functional commands, such as Copylink Command: Users can copy the current drawing view to the Clipboard and then paste the contents of the Clipboard into another document as a linked OLE object.


Also, SPELL command is available now. Users can check the spelling of all text as it is entered in your drawing and specify the specific language dictionary that is used and customize and manage multiple custom spelling dictionaries.


All these great additions and commands are according to the received feedbacks, the new version added many humanization designs in terms of users experience and practicality. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the users who have been supporting Gstarsoft, what they have done made GstarCAD8 to be the fastest CAD program around the world, and it is going to be more stable and powerful! Wish you happy new year at the beginning of 2014.”

About GstarCAD8:

GstarCAD8 adopts a brand new software engine and innovative technologies, such as: Smart Graphic Partition, Categorized Memory Storage Management and Self-adaptive Data Model enhanced the mechanism of dispatching order to improve the performance greatly. It has surpassed all the previous versions and other similar CAD software.

In GstarCAD8, modular software architecture was used, where any unexpected problems that may lead to system crashes can be easily identified and fixed, thus there is a substantial improvement on quick technical support service for users’ feedbacks. Furthermore, GstarCAD8 adopts many other creative technologies to improve the performance, stability, compatibility and so on.

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