GstarCAD MC Applied in the Facility Constructions for Sochi Winter Olympics

GstarCAD MC Applied in the Facility Constructions for Sochi Winter Olympics

Date: 2013-12-31

During February 7 to 23, 2014, the 22nd Winter Olympics will be held in Sochi . When the players are preparing for the game, the constructions of peripheral facility are also tensely preparing. To improve the quality of design communication and design efficiency, a leading pipeline company in Russia applied GstarCAD MC to work on site.

It was reported that, this company plays an very important role in Russian pipeline construction industry, and it is responsible for construction of Sochi Winter Olympic Games’ buildings. Because on-site survey and comparison during the construction of Olympic facilities are often used. And design manager of the company -- Затолокин Евгений found that PCs and drawing paper are too heavy and inconvenient for on-site work, so, the quality of communication and workflow were affected a lot.

To solve this problem, Затолокин Евгений thought of GstarCAD MC, in fact, when first Android version GstarCAD MC released in 2012, he was a big fan of GstarCAD MC, and he usually sent email to Gstarsoft to share his experience and asked for new functions. He did a lot of works to help the upgrade of GstarCAD MC.



Compared with CAD programs on PCs, the portability and ease of use of GstarCAD MC made itself an important device in the construction of the Sochi Winter Olympics facilities. When using GstarCAD MC, designers can do the measurements and drawing checks quite conveniently. It not only reduced the designers’ load but also improved the efficiency of facility construction.

After the application of GstarCAD MC, Затолокин Евгений’s work efficiency has been greatly improved, and he was going to apply GstarCAD MC in all of his design works to make jobs simpler and more convenience.



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